Coach Sam



"When I first started my journey all I wanted was to lose weight but what I gained was way more than I ever expected."

Hi, I'm Coach Sam.

When I first started my fitness journey all I wanted was to lose weight but what I gained was way more than I ever expected. I was liberated and I learned that we're limitless! I built an unwavering self confidence and was able to begin the healing process on my mind, body and spirit. I started about 7 years ago. I learned that confidence isn't something you find, it is earned through consistency. It also taught me that REGARDLESS of how hard or insurmountable something seems with true consistency, patience and self belief anything can be accomplished.

Now, I want to reach out and help others do the same in their lives. To me, fitness is not about being on a strict diet and going to the gym by yourself to follow a monotonous workout routine in hope of a flat stomach. We have to think BIGGER! Fitness is the vehicle to the better you! It's about peeling back the layers of years living without intention and purpose. Years of allowing life to "just happen" to us. I want you to regain control of your life. Together we'll reach new heights. 

Building the community that I visualize is a major goal of mine as well. That's where the true magic is and where traditional gyms CAN NOT compare. Community, community, community! We alI have ups and downs so being surrounded with people that are supportive, motivating and like-minded is truly invaluable.

Stop waking up like its an accident and start living! Come be a part of  Limitless. Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you!

Coach K-Mo


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