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No working out required during the consultation, it is your choice. The time will be spent getting to know each other. We'll explain the vision for our gym , what you can expect from us and go over the next steps to get you started on your journey to better mental and physical health! 


Our new members deserve a fundamental understanding of the movements that will be incorporated in our training program before joining the regular classes. We're not just going to throw equipment at you and hope that you figure it out. The class is called Foundations. It is 3 days a week for a month. The classes will follow our regular class structure but they will be run at a more manageable pace so you can comfortably learn the details. The program is designed to teach you the proper movement and establish safe training habits. Also, this time allows us to get to know you better, assess your movements, and go over any limitations you might have and set personal goals. **(In some occurrences, at the completion of Foundations, if a person can't demonstrate a basic level of ability that is safe for them to begin regular scheduled programming then, a coach will go over the need of further assistance and possible 1 on 1 training. These scenarios are rare but we want you to know that your safety is a main priority of ours.)**

Foundation classes will be 60-80 min long. We'll start with our basic warm-up, mobility to help prepare your body for your journey, practice the barbell movements, and finish with a short workout (based on your current fitness level) .

Monthly Membership

“The MIND”

Physical training is for The MIND. Challenging yourself to get better everyday, little by little is what leads to great accomplishments. That’s the path to true self confidence and self belief. Chase discomfort. It leads to our ever expanding limitless potential.

Month to Month

No Contracts!     

First Month: $100

- Foundations course. (Introductory course)       

Monthly Membership: $125

- Monthly unlimited access to all classes and kids area.

Community Servant: $100

- Monthly unlimited access to all classes and kids area

- Military servicemen/woman, First Responders, Teachers, Nurses, Church staff, and those who work with children.

- Students

*Proof Required*

Family Discount: 20% off for every additional immediate family member.

***If you prefer 1 on 1 personal training, please call for more information***

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Physical training is great for the body BUT if you don’t fuel yourself properly, The BODY you dream of will always be out of reach. Don’t look for any other solution. This is fact.PERIOD.

This package brings unity between your words and actions.

If you’re serious about your goals, THIS IS FOR YOU!  


If you’re not willing to put the work in for 90 days then the truth is your goal isn’t a real priority. Either, change your goal or change your behavior. Don’t live in cognitive dissonance, it causes unnecessary stress.

  1. Macros + food list + monthly check in - $165  

  2. Macros + daily meal plans + food list + monthly check in - $195

  3. Monthly home visit + Macros + daily meal plans + food list + biweekly check in - $225              


Mind + Body Package: Select one

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